Make nature a little more predictable

Protect your property with Ahead-Of-Time enrivonmental control and analytics designed for urban developments and residental areas

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We keep you up-to-date on potential natural dangers to your property

Useful across industries

Best for restaurants, hotels, shops, and areas that rely on a consistent atmosphere

Easily Implemented

We notify you on predicted threats to your property and take action for you1 2

One-time or Continuous

Stay subscribed to our service for continuous updates on our predicted threats, or get notified when you want.2

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Sign up for access to our environmental activity predictions developed by our algorithms.2

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Million dollars can be saved this year from staying subscribed to our alerts


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How we do it?

Proactive Response Unit

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Big Data Analysis Platform

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How useful is it?

From tracking sea surface tempuratures to chemical content in the air in real-time, we facilitate AOT alerts for a load of natural disturbances that could cause harm to your area or business.

Canice James CEO and Co-Founder

Amazing platform! It's fascinating what big data analytics along with machine learning can provide.

Shavani Stewart Operations & Emergency Dispatch Manager

Probably the first and number one disaster management system that deals take a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach

Kimathi Halley Research & Development Manager

This software is a must use for diastser-prone areas. The results of our research is astonishing and very valuable for any business that relies on the natural environment

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"In the midst of natural disasters and changing climates, technology is now increasingly a lifeline, from early warning systems to resilience and adaptation,”

Daisy Kendrick

Imagine how much in damages could be saved if you knew when droughts, algae & seaweed sightings, acid rain, heatwaves, and flash floods would happen. NADIS brings that level of value into your community.

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Lets rely on nature again!

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