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What people say about NADIS

Cliff Simon CEO and Founder

I think it is very powerful that nature has become more predictable through this service. My beachfront restaurant has stayed ahead of the rest and NADIS is my secret weapon!

Elisabeth Alanna Sales Manager

Probably one of the more thought through executions of a business. The AOT Alerts are regular and consistent, technical support always available. Well done!

Bertram Ozzie Designer

This is a great example of a simple idea that is extremely helpful. Knowing when a disaster will happen has kept me away from damage expenses.

Frequently asked questions

Usage licenses?

A Commercial lisence can only be purchased through the entrprise level subscription.

What is the payment schedule?

We require that the first scubscription is collected in a 6-month plan.

Is this online or offline?

Our platform is online. If you do not have constant access, you will still recieve our email alerts.

What is my property is already damaged?

Good question! Through the enterprise tier, we can pitch during the reconstruction process for a more durable structure.

Can I get a discount?

Absolutely! Only members of our partnered firms and associations get discounts on their subscriptions.

Some other features included

A whole new alert concept

We use "Ahead Of Time" alerts. This means alerting you of an event before it happens. This is powered by our machine learning software

Customize your dashboard

Only look at what you want to see on our dashboard with our handy "Hide/Show" options

Always Updating

We keep our machine learning software well fed so it continues to give us valuable alerts. The platform improves itself over-time.

Extensive documentation

Web developers! Not sure where to start with our dashboard? We've got you covered.

Lets rely on nature again!

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